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Jan 21, 2019 · 9/6 Double Double Bonus video poker strategy including hands overview with payoffs and returns of 98.97%, plus more in-depth video poker look up all of the reasonable ways to play a hand, and choose the play that is highest on the list. While optimal strategy returns 98.9808%, the strategy presented below is the optimal "exceptionless ...

Bonus Poker Strategy | Odds Shark Double Double Bonus Poker. This game offers increased payouts for four-of-a-kind hands in specific combinations. For example, four aces with a 2-4Structured to play as stud poker variants, video poker games should be played with the proper strategy in order to maximize one’s chances of winning. Double Double Bonus Poker StrategyPoker Station Double Double Bonus Poker is one of the best known video poker variations. The game can be found at literally every online casino in the world today. The game can yield up to 100.07% return if the game pays 10/6 for a full house and flush respectively, but only if players use the optimal strategy... Triple Double Bonus Poker Strategy

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Tips on Double Double Bonus Poker | Casino Answer Man ... Apr 30, 2018 ... ... hands, slightly less than in JB because optimal drawing strategy is different. ... Double Double Bonus is more volatile with more of its payback ... Double Bonus Video Poker, Poker Strategies and Winning Hands Players can now learn the basics of Double Bonus Poker and discover how to win ... best card combinations while playing with optimal strategies and gameplay . Best video poker game? : gambling - Reddit What are your experiences with games like double double bonus ... can also download trainers for Android that will teach you optimal strategy. Not So Ugly Deuces Wild - Game and Strategy - Casino News Daily

Jan 6, 2019 ... Certain variations offer +EV when an optimal strategy is used. ... Full-pay Joker Poker = 100.64%; 10/7 Double Bonus = 100.17%; 9/6 Double ...

Double Double Bonus Poker Strategy Good place to play Double Double Bonus Poker are Microgaming casinos , which show you which cards to hold according to the optimal strategy. When you are playing at other casinos, use our strategy chart below to get closer to the theoretical payout. Double Double Bonus Strategy - Online Video Poker Games This page provides the correct strategy for every situation in Double Double bonus video poker. By using the charts on this page you can actually achieve a payout percentage of roughly 100.07% if you're playing at a full pay Double Double bonus machine. Super Double Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy & Rules | ThePOGG

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Optimal Poker Tournament Playing Strategy No Limit Poker. Optimal Poker Tournament Playing Strategy.The key factor with strategy in 6-max poker tournaments is blind pressure — both direct and indirect. In the direct sense, the blinds are coming at you more quickly, which means you have to go about gathering chips more aggressively so... Best Video Poker Games | Cafe Casino Double Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand.You can find optimal strategies on the internet for every video poker game and payout structure; if you want to use theseThese video poker strategies work by asking you to look at your original five cards, then classify your hand based on which cards you hold. Double Double Bonus Strategy - Tips & Advice for Video … Double Double Bonus video poker is the most popular video poker game in casinos, but it’s not generally considered a possibility for advantage play.But some of the strategies are different, and this page covers those strategy differences below. Double Double Bonus Payout Charts. A Closer Look At Double Double Bonus Poker Casino…

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Double Double Bonus Poker | Basics and a Simple Strategy ... Double Double Bonus Poker is one of the more recent and insanely successful variants, primarily made popular by online gamblers. Double Double Bonus Poker (DDB) is categorized as online video poker but it is also played at land-based casinos. Double Double Bonus Poker has more winning combinations than other traditional or older versions.

Double Bonus Introduction This page shows my strategy for 10/7 Double Bonus Poker.With optimal strategy, the expected return of 10/7 Double Bonus is 100.17%. 10/7 Double Bonus is hard to find, especially at high denominations, but is out there at some Vegas casinos.